Controls shedding

Simply put the Shed Defender™ on your dog and receive the peace of mind that all the loose dog hair as a result from shedding will be contained within the suit

Keeps house and car clean

No more sweeping your house or vacuuming your car due to your dog shedding. When taking your dog in the car to the vet or park, just put on the Shed Defender™ and protect your car from shedding dog hair.

Keeps allergens and dander to a minimum

Dogs can carry dirt, dust, allergens and dander in their fur; with the Shed Defender™ on, it contains all these things to lead to a clean, allergy-free environment

Can help reduce anxiety and stop the constant barking

If your dog suffers from anxiety the Shed Defender has a calming effect once put on. It also has been used to stop the constant, antagonizing barking of small dogs.

Keeps dog clean when outside

When you put your dog outside, keep the Shed Defender™ on to protect it from getting dirty, muddy, or wet

Can be used in the snow to prevent the dog's hair from freezing and acts as a barrier from the cold

If you take your dog in the snow, the Shed Defender™ will help prevent from your dog's hair from freezing into ice balls, and will act as a barrier from the cold so your dog won't be as cold

Protects against flying insects, ticks, and stickers (hunting dogs)

If you take your dog camping, hunting, or live out in the wilderness use the Shed Defender™ to protect against flying insects, ticks ( which can lead to lyme disease) and any stickers from bushes and plants which can get caught in it's fur.

Can be used to cover wounds or surgical sites

If your dog has a wound or has undergone surgery the Shed Defender™ can be used to cover the wound or site to prevent the dog from licking or scratching it, it can be used to replace the cone around the neck

Used for show dogs to keep clean

If you have a show dog, the Shed Defender™ is perfect to ensure your dog stays clean before the show