Q. How do you put on and take off the Shed Defender?

Q. What size should I get?

Q. Does it fit all dogs?

Q. How should the Shed Defender fit?

Q. How long can I leave the Shed Defender on my dog?

Q. How does the dog go to the bathroom while wearing the Shed Defender?

Q. What material is it made out of?

Q. How do I wash it?

Q. When will I receive my Shed Defender?

Q. How much is shipping?

Q. Can I exchange or return it?

Q. Is it safe for the dog?

Q. Does the product offer UV protection?

Q. Can I use the Shed Defender in warm temperatures?

Q. What is the manufacturer warranty?

Q. Can I use this to replace the medical cone?

Q. Does this help with allergies?