Help Harlow Find Her Forever Home 

July 2018 – Kelly DiMaio, the founder of Rebel Dogs Rescue, has been rescuing and fostering dogs since she was just 16 years old! She founded Rebel Dogs Rescue, a non-profit all breed dog rescue, because she saw the potential to make a difference and she has done just that. Rebel Dogs Rescue rescues dogs from local shelters who are set to die for overcrowding or behavioral issues. They also rescue dogs off the streets and take in dogs in special circumstances where the owners are no longer able to care for their dog due to financial, medical or housing issues.

Rebel’s dogs stay with foster families until they are adopted into approved forever homes so they can experience the love and safety of a home, routine, training and medical care to prepare them for their forever family.

Rebel Dogs Rescue is based in Orange County, CA which is where the Shed Defender team is located. We have been in contact with Kelly for some time now because right when we launched our business she reached out to us because she had a rescue dog who was battling cancer so she needed to use the Shed Defender for medical reasons. We have learned more and more about Kelly’s mission and all of the good work she’s done so we decided to make Rebel Dogs Rescue a part of our Paw it Forward program. It’s always important to support organizations in your own backyard too, right?

Through a cash and product donation, we’ve given a small amount of support to Rebel Dogs Rescue, but she could always use more because her work never ends. Donations are always appreciated – no amount is too small to help Rebel Dogs Rescue with everything from the vet bills to the supplies needed to take care of these animals in need. Foster families are always needed as well! If you’re in southern California or know anyone who is and are interested in fostering, you can find out more info here.

Harlow Needs a Forever Family!

Last but not least, we wanted to showcase one of Rebel Dogs Rescue’s cutest adoptables Harlow because when we asked Kelly how else we could support her cause she said she could use some help finding Harlow a forever home.

Harlow is a 4 year old Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix who spend 18 months of her short life in a shelter. She loves car rides, playing with her toys and tolerates water, but her favorite thing is to cuddle or sleep with her person. Read her full bio here and please share this story to help Harlow find her forever home!