April 26, 2022 - Have you ever wondered what we do with our returned onesies? We donate them to non-profit organizations! We are always looking for ways to show our support and found our onesies to be very helpful to pups in need. This month, we reached out to several rescues offering them an assortment of onesies for dogs with anxiety, surgical sites, wounds, skin conditions, allergies and more. We were thrilled to hear back from 7 amazing rescues and were able to donate over 100 of our onesies in every size. 

Here are the rescues we’ve donated to this month: 

  1. Ken Mar Rescue 
  2. CARMA Rescue 
  3. Rescue From The Hart 
  4. Much Love Animal Rescue 
  5. Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation 
  6. The Animal Foundation 
  7. Bald and Bully 

As we are always looking for new rescues to donate to, recommendations are greatly appreciated! If you have a nonprofit in mind, let us know by filling out the form on our website.