May 31, 2023 - Our May Paw it Forward partner is Leashes of Love Rescue! Leashes of Love is an all-volunteer, foster home based, 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization based in Southern California. Their mission is to save dogs of all sizes and breeds and find them their forever homes through their adoption events/expos. During this process, Leashes of love provides dogs with the best possible care by acclimating them to life outside of the shelter and providing veterinary care. Because foster homes are the backbone of Leashes of Love Rescue, and to help our organization run smoothly, it is their goal to provide the best experience possible. After learning more about the difference that Leashes of Love Rescue is making for our fellow furry friends, we were so excited to make a cash donation! With the help and support of the community, Leashes of Love can continue to make a difference in saving animals and giving them a new life. There are many ways that we can all show our support to this amazing organization. Want to get involved? Donating, volunteering, and fostering these beloved animals are some ways you too can make a difference! If you are also looking to find your new best friend, adopt now at Leashes of Love Rescue!