February 1, 2022 - Our February Paw It Forward partner is Helping Paws Across Borders!

HPAB is a small group of animal professionals who are dedicated to helping companion animals around the world. This amazing non-profit organization recognizes the horrific conditions that these helpless animals are living in and are taking action to make a difference. HPAB is located here in the United States and is involved with various animal shelter projects. With their education, compassion, and medical backgrounds, Helping Paws is able to provide services like FREE spay and neuter, vaccinations, and any medical treatment needed. They have also traveled to places like Belize, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Chernobyl! This organization doesn't stop there! Along with the medical services Helping Paws provides to canine companions, they are also dedicated to:

  • Reaching out to other countries to make a difference in the lives of abused/neglected companion animals. 
  • Supplying medicine and medical equipment to local animal shelters
  • Educating local clinic volunteers in shelter medicine
  • Putting a stop in overpopulation of companion animals in underdeveloped countries
  • Assisting in spay and neuter clinics when and where they might be needed

When HPAB reached out to us, we had no doubt that we wanted to support! We are so happy and honored to partner with this remarkable organization and provide a cash donation. Additionally, we sent over a box of our onesies to help in surgical recovery, comfort, and any other medical issues that may arise. 

To learn more about Helping Paws Across Borders and getting involved, you can visit their Website as well as their Facebook, and Instagram.