Helping Border Collies in Need

February 2018 – Founded by Kenny and Elaine Shuck, Clancy’s Dream is a non-profit foundation devoted to creating a safe-haven for high risk and unwanted Border Collies. Clancy’s Dream provides rescue, medical, rehabilitation and adoption assistance for Border Collies in need. Based in Seymour, IN, they also work to help local families who need help with medical bills for sick or injured Border Collies.

We chose to make Clancy’s Dream a part of our Paw it Forward program because Kenny reached out and told us that they have been using the Shed Defender for surgical recovery as a replacement for the medical cone. After hearing more about the mission of Clancy’s Dream, we decided to support them with a cash and product donation.

Border Collies require lots of attention and activity which can put them at risk if new owners aren’t expecting this. As Border Collie lovers, the Shuck’s and staff at Clancy’s Dream recognize that this can, unfortunately, put some dogs in tough spots. The non-profit was founded to keep the spirit of the Shuck’s own beloved Border Collie Clancy alive and has grown into an amazing organization that helps Border Collies (and other dogs as well) who are unwanted or uncared for. You can read more about how Clancy’s Dream was founded here.

We hope the Shed Defender community and Border Collie lovers everywhere will take a minute to learn more about Clancy’s Dream! Check them out here

Testimonial from Clancy’s Dream founder Kenny Shuck about how they use the Shed Defender to keep their pups happy!