Senior dogs are often deemed less adoptable and when shelters need space they are the first ones to be put-to-sleep, however, that mindset is slowly changing. Senior dog adoptions have been on the rise for a couple of years now as more and more people are aware of not only the love and comfort that these older rescue dogs need, but also the benefits of adopting an older dog!

Providing senior dogs a comfortable and loving home while they live out the rest of their days is a cause we want to support and hope you do too.

We have partnered with Charlie’s Foundation, a non-profit rescue dedicated to senior dogs based in Redmond, Washington for our Paw it Forward program this month. Charlie’s Foundation is a smaller senior all breed rescue that relies 100% on donations so they could use all the help they can get. They also depend on volunteers and fosters so if you’re near Seattle, consider helping if you can!  

Mooch, an 11-year-old boxer, is Charlie’s Foundation most recent rescue. He’s 25-30 lbs. under weight and needs extensive medical care including growths removed and reconstructive surgery on his front right leg. Charlie’s Foundation is helping Mooch recover from these issues and ensuring he is comfortable and loved. We made a cash donation and sent a large box of Shed Defenders to Charlie’s Foundation to help them give dogs like Mooch the medical care they need. The Shed Defender will help Mooch recover from any surgeries without having to wear the cumbersome cone of shame. We’re hoping you will take a look at Charlie’s Foundation website and are inspired by Mooch and the other dogs featured on the site.

No donation is too small, especially given that this non-profit relies 100% on donations and volunteers.

Mooch getting some much needed TLC from his foster brother