April 2018 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are sweet and endearing dogs so it’s hard to believe there are so many that need to be rescued, but last year Cavalier Rescue USA rescued over 400 cavs nationwide! Cavalier Rescue USA is a non-profit focused on rescuing and caring for Cavaliers that need the help. The vast majority of the pups that the organization takes in are from private homes and are turned in due to changes in their owners lives or because of a lack of fit between the dog and family, but they also have dogs from shelters, breeders, and other rescue groups. We teamed up with Cavalier Rescue USA to provide a donation and support an event that they were hosting at Kendra Scott, a jewelry store in Newport Beach. On April 8, 20% of store sales went to Cavalier Rescue USA so we shopped and offered some product up as part of a fundraising raffle. As always, we encourage the Shed Defender community to read more about Cavalier Rescue USA and support them in any way possible!  


There were at least 20 cavaliers that came out to support Cavalier Rescue USA at the Kendra Scott store on April 8.  


Events director Christina Burns’ beloved Abbie loves her Forest Green Shed Defender!