Austin Pets Alive Rescues Over 3,000 Animals in Hurricane Aftermath

September 2017 – Hurricane season has devastated many parts of the country this year. From Harvey to Irma to Maria, thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and unfortunately these evacuations often lead to displaced animals. From shelters that need to relocate all their animals to families who couldn’t (or sadly didn’t) bring their pets with them during the chaos, there are animals in need of our help to ensure they are taken to safety.

Austin Pets Alive, an Austin, Texas based shelter organization, has stepped up and kicked it’s rescue efforts into high gear. We teamed up with Austin Pets Alive and several other businesses to launch a fundraising giveaway that would help support hurricane victims. We also made a cash donation as part of our Paw it Forward program to help support their efforts, knowing that they could use the extra funds in this time of crisis. From finding fosters to increasing kennel space in current facilities, Austin Pets Alive! Was able to take in over 3,000 animals during the hurricane aftermath. They also are working to open two temporary shelters – one in Austin and one Houston – to help manage the scale of this effort. The Austin Pets Alive! temporary shelter in Houston is helping to pull animals from euthanasia lists at shelters around the city.

We are proud to have been a part of the effort to make sure as many animals as possible were evacuated and cared for during this time of crisis. But the good work can’t stop there… with thousands of new animals to care for, Austin Pets Alive! Needs all the help they can get. Finding foster and eventually forever homes for this many animals is no easy feat and will take months and months. We’re hoping you’re paw-spired by the good work that the Austin Pets Alive! team has done so far and are willing to help support them as they gear up for the second phase of the hurricane recovery efforts.

Donate to Austin Pets Alive! to help them ensure that all the animals affected by the hurricane are safely cared for because no animal should be left behind!


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