It’s not just 4th of July that gives our dogs anxiety… While Halloween is fun for us humans, it can be a source of dangerous foods, loud noises and anxiety for our pups. To help keep your fur baby safe this Halloween, here’s a few important reminders about what the ghostly holiday can bring:

CAREFUL WITH CANDY: While candy tastes good, it’s not healthy for humans, let alone our furry family members! Those big Halloween candy bowls and buckets are a tasty for us, but they are full of hazards for fido. We all know chocolate is dangerous, but there’s also xylitol, a toxic sweetener found in gum, mints and other popular candy such as Airheads that causes dog’s blood sugar to drop.

DANGEROUS DÉCOR: Jack-o-lanterns are a fun way to light up the porch, but if you’re using real candles make sure your dog can’t harm himself on the flame or doesn’t tip the pumpkin over and start a fire. If you’re using battery-operated candles or decorations, keep them out of reach in case your pup gets curious about all the new fun ‘toys’ set up around the house. Glow sticks are another common hazard for dogs because they love to chew on them and can be confused for a toy. Phenol is a chemical in glowsticks which can cause severe burns to the mouth, so make sure your pup doesn’t have access to any glowsticks.

ALLEVIATE ANXIETY: From the constant knocking of trick or treaters, to the spooky costumes and loud parties, it’s no surprise that Halloween leaves some dogs frozen in fear. That’s where the Shed Defender comes in – a versatile onesie that can help keeps pup calm during the festivities. The Shed Defender not only allows your dog to join in the dress up fun, but it also helps reduce anxiety by applying a gentle pressure around the dog. Featuring a lightweight, breathable fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles, the Shed Defender has a snug fit that helps dogs feel safe, confident and more relaxed.

These are just a few of the important steps you should take to ensure your pup is safe and calm during the spookiest night of the year. Be sure to have your regular vet and an emergency vet line at the ready just in case.

Also, if you have a Shed Defender or purchase one before Halloween, here's a few ideas on how to turn them into simple costumes so your whole family can safely enjoy the dress up fun! 

 Add a headband, to turn your purple Shed Defender into a unicorn costume!

 Keep it simple - our camo print is a built in costume!

Add a cape and you have a dracula costume or some antlers and turn your pup into a reindeer!