Halloween is fun for us, but it can be hazardous for our furry family members for a variety of reasons. From the dangers of Halloween candy to the anxiety-causing costumes and constant door knocking, many dogs become sick or scared on Halloween. 

Anne-Marie Hays, a writer at BestProducts.com, put together an article on how to keep your dog safe on Halloween. It's full of quick tips, not-so-safe candy lists and more so we recommend checking it out before the festivities begin tonight! 

For a quick overview though, here' are the highlights: 

Keep candy and the pumpkins away: Candy, especially chocolate which is toxic to both dogs and cats, poses a hazard to curious pets with a sweet tooth. Xylitol, contained in many sugar-free foods, gum and toothpaste is also very toxic and if ingested in large quantities, pumpkin can make your pup feel sick. 

Safe Decor is Key: Be extra cautious with real flames when lighting jack-o-lanterns or better yet use battery-operated candles so that your clumsy pup doesn't injure himself. Decor can also look appetizing for furry friends, so make sure you keep an eye on your pet and keep any dangerous decor out of reach if you have a chewer at home!

Keep Costumes Comfortable: Not all dogs want to wear costumes, so keep your pup's personality in mind when choosing a spooky outfit. Don't use human cosmetics which may be toxic for pets and make sure any outfit fits properly so there's no leg tangling or loose ends to chew. The Shed Defender can be turned into an easy DIY costume for dogs and has the added benefit of helping to reduce anxiety! 

Stay safe and have a Happy Howl-o-weeeeen!!!