To the Shed Defender fans, customers and our own family and friends….

Whenever people see the Shed Defender they tell us our product would be perfect for the show Shark Tank – and I have always agreed! It’s been a dream of mine for years and years to be on the show, but I was hesitant to apply because I wasn’t sure it would be the right fit or figured we didn’t have much of a chance because of how popular the show is. Well, I’m excited to say that we applied, were accepted and are finally able to announce that we are going to be featured on Shark Tank on October 14!

I want all our customers, family and friends to know that we couldn’t have come this far without the help and support you guys have provided along the way. Our customers are everything, so I am forever grateful to each person who has used our product, provided feedback or spread the word about the Shed Defender. Your support means the world to us and we will always strive to offer the best customer service we can possibly give. We have come a long way from our first product we released two years ago and thanks to all the feedback and reviews from you guys we have improved the product and designed something that is truly helping all kinds of dogs across the world.

Our mission has always been to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners by creating a healthy, harmonious and comfortable lifestyle that benefits the whole family. Everything we do here at Shed Defender is designed to help our furry family members and I want to personally thank every customer who has helped us along the way. We will continue to innovate so that we’re finding new ways to make our furry friends more comfortable and welcome feedback and questions!

If you watch Shark Tank regularly, you’ll see how hard entrepreneurs work to bring something they’re passionate about to the market. My journey has been full of highs, lows, lessons learned and everything between, but I truly love being able to work in the pet industry – because what’s better than working with and for dogs. 

With that said, we hope you tune in to ABC on Sunday, October 14 to watch Harley, my brother and I pitch the Shed Defender to the sharks!


Tyson Walters