December 2018 – We’ve mentioned before that we love donating to rescues that are recommended by our customers and for this month we’ve chosen Sweetest Dog Rescue as our Paw it Forward partner.

Sweetest Dog Rescue was recommended to us by Jenny who is mom to rescue coonhound Skipper and based in Brooklyn, NY. Here’s Skippers amazing rescue story as told by his mom Jenny:

“In a Kentucky shelter earlier this summer, Sweetest Dog Rescue found Skipper, a coonhound puppy whose euthanasia date had already been set. They pulled Skipper from the shelter, got him the medical help he needed, rehabilitated him, and then drove way out into upstate New York so I could pick him up and take him to New York City.

I intended to foster Skipper, not adopt him — he’s a high-energy 55 pounds, which is a lot for Brooklyn — but I fell in love with him. After a couple months, I decided that all the running and the daycare and the training and everything else he needed was more than worth it, and we had his first birthday-slash-adoption party this past September. The lovely, lovely women at SDR listened patiently while I obsessed about whether it was fair to Skipper to keep him in the city — they put no pressure on me whatsoever — and told me they’d support whatever I chose. When I made the decision to keep him, they were just as happy as I was.

Skipper is now happy and healthy, and has both dog and human friends in Brooklyn he adores. He’s loving and playful, and exhibits no aggression or anxiety whatsoever — which is amazing, considering his background, and something I credit to Sweetest Dog Rescue’s top-notch care.”

Sweetest Dog Rescue is a small nonprofit founded by Stephanie Bucalo and Kathleen Kennedy that saves hounds, beagles, black dogs, and other high-risk pups from death row in high-kill shelters — usually from the South, where neutering laws are more lax. Based in Long Island, the Sweetest Dog Rescue team has over 40 years of rescue experience and is saving the lives of high-risk dogs one by one. We love what Sweetest Dog Rescue is doing and love to support the small non-profits that may not always enjoy the publicity that larger ones get. If you love hounds, beagles or any type of black dog, check out Sweetest Dog Rescue and find out how you can support them:

And Skipper used the Shed Defender when he cruises around town in Ubers to help keep reduce anxiety. Follow @skipperthehound on Instagram to follow along as Skipper explores the Big Apple!