January 31, 2021 – Pearl’s Place is a Texas-based non-profit rescue group that specializes in helping dogs with skin issues, so when they reached out to see if we could donate some onesies, we jumped on it! If you’re familiar with some of the medical aspects of the Shed Defender onesie, then it’s probably not a surprise that the Shed Defender would be useful for a rescue group that helps dogs with skin conditions. Over the years, various rescue groups have used the Shed Defender for a wide variety of medical issues from surgical recovery to mange to allergies, hot spots and more.

We decided to donate a box of onesies to Pearl’s Place and make a monetary donation because we love supporting smaller rescues groups that are doing amazing work. Pearl’s Place offers a home for the senior dogs as well as those with skin issues because they believe that all dogs should have a chance to live out their best life. Pearl was adopted from a shelter the night before she was to be put down. She lived the last three years of her life with her adopted family, and in her honor the founders of Pearl’s Place decided to take in other dogs that in some minds were less then desirable and have given them a new lease on life.

We plan to continuously donate some of our lightly used or returned onesies to Pearl's Place as a way to provide ongoing support for all the work they are doing. We so love a non-profit group with a unique mission and are excited to honor them as our January Paw it Forward Partner. 

The founder of Pearl’s Place has outlined information online here about where to donate and how the organization came to be. You can also find more information on Facebook or Instagram.