March 2019 – In 2018 we received a batch of Shed Defenders that weren’t sellable – they had slight manufacturing defects and we decided that we couldn’t sell them to our customers because they didn’t meet our standard of quality. The problem was that the Shed Defenders were made with the same high-quality recycled polyester fabric we use with all of our products, so we couldn’t bear to just toss them out. Instead we’ve been slowly donating as many as we can to rescues throughout the country who could use them for dogs with anxiety, surgical sites, wounds, skin conditions, allergies and more. In the Summer 2018, we put a call out to our community to nominate rescues who could benefit from the Shed Defenders and donated over 300 of the SLIGHTLY defective products. We still had over 1,000 to donate though so in February we put out another call for rescues to reach out if they could use some of our onesies. To our delight we heard back from 22 different rescues and were able to donate over 700 of our onesies in sizes Mini through Giant to help dogs in need.

We shipped these onesies to each of the non-profits at no cost of course, to make it as easy as possible for them to enjoy the benefits of the Shed Defender. Since we sent out the boxes of Shed Defenders, we’ve heard great feedback from the rescues who have been using them for all sorts of reasons.

We listed all of the rescues we worked with below, but if you know of any other rescues that could benefit from the Shed Defender please tell them to reach out to us at


We still have some left to donate including a lot of the smaller sizes! Here's an instagram post from SPCA Brazoria County who is using the Shed Defenders to help dogs with skin conditions heal! 


  1. Abby’s Angels Animal Haven
  2. ADL Service Dogs, Inc.
  3. Animal Authority Rescue Team
  4. Animal House Sanctuary
  5. Borderline K9 Service Dog Training
  6. Clancy’s Dream Border Collie Rescue
  7. Crossroads K9 Rescue
  8. Downtown Dog Rescue
  9. Grace and Ripley Giveback
  10. Humane Society of Putnam County
  11. Leashes of Love Rescue
  12. Long Way Home Rescue
  13. Mosh Pit Rescue
  14. Painted Paws for Veterans
  15. Paws in the Panhandle
  16. Paws of Hawaii
  17. Recycled Rover and Friends
  18. Small Breed Rescue of Tennesse
  19. SPCA Brazoria County
  20. Unforgettable Underdogs
  21. West Valley Humane Society
  22. Whispering Willows