March 10, 2022 - In honor of Ukraine, we are dedicating this month to IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) as our Paw It Forward partner. 

IFAW is a global non-profit helping animals and people thrive together. This organization is currently working across seas, oceans, and in more than 40 countries around the world!

Their experts work with local communities and people just like you to rescue, rehabilitate, and release animals, and restore and protect their natural habitats. They achieve this by partnering with local communities, governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses. 

IFAW is actively expanding their support to local partners in Ukraine who are helping animals amidst the ongoing and violent attacks from Russia. IFAW has already made a significant impact in helping animals in Ukraine and their team also awarded an emergency grant to Save Wild’s White Rock Bear Shelter, a bear rehabilitation center in Chubyns’ke outside of Kyiv. Staff and volunteers sheltered in place to care for their animals after armed conflict near the city intensified. With their grant funding, the center was able to purchase much-needed food and supplies for the bears under their care. Since then the bears have been evacuated and relocated to the Four Paws’ Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr in the Lviv region, Ukraine. 

IFAW has also partnered with the Poznań Zoo in Poland to provide temporary shelter and care for wildlife rescued from the conflict in Ukraine. 

Additionally, IFAW is providing emergency funds to support the purchase of food and veterinary supplies to their shelter partners in Ukraine. We are truly thankful to be given the opportunity to provide a cash donation to this amazing organization. IFAW is actively posting updates on their website. To learn more on how to show your support and stay up to date, please visit their website

To see a list of resources for families fleeing Ukraine with their pets, click here.