April 26, 2022 - Our April Paw It Forward Partner is the American Hope & Wellness Foundation!

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Sherman Oaks, California. They are focused on rescuing abused and neglected animals (locally and internationally) and rehabilitating them as they find their forever homes.

What started out as rescuing local abuse and neglect cases quickly grew into taking their efforts overseas and into law and education where they raise awareness and enact change around the world. In 2015, American Hope & Wellness Foundation began rescuing animals from the Asian Dog Meat Trade. These animals are stolen and/or bred into slaughterhouses, meat farms and markets. They are then forced to partake in a trade of torture and exploitation for their meat, bones, fur, etc. This amazing organization took matters into their own hands and went undercover as an international buyer and purchased as many animals as they could and got them to safety and freedom. They also negotiated the closing of a slaughterhouse or a farm and started a cruelty free business there in its place. As the rescues continued, they decided to extend their presence and officially founded Animal Hope and Wellness China. At their China center, they have housed thousands of dogs, providing medical attention and a new place to call home. Outside of the rescue, this foundation engaged in many programs focused on bringing people and animals together. From visiting senior centers to kindergarten classes, their rescues continue to bring people together and educate them. 

We are so pleased to have come across this amazing organization and we are eager to spread the word about all that they do! We happily sent over a shipment of our onesies along with a cash donation. 

We encourage you all to check out this wonderful organization and show your support as well! 

To learn more about Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation and getting involved, you can visit their website as well as their Facebook, and Instagram