November 2018 – Over the past week California has been devastated by three huge wildfires that are destroying homes and displacing people and animals. The Camp Fire in northern California is the state’s most destructive fire ever and in the southern half of the state the Woolsey and Hill fires are creating an unimaginable path of destruction. Resources are strained, firefighters and others on the front lines are exhausted and the dry conditions that have plagued the state for years are only making things worse.


In both parts of the state where the fires are burning, domestic animals as well as livestock are being displaced and need supplies and a safe place to stay. That’s why we’re hoping you will check out some of the non-profit organizations that are on the front lines saving these animals one at a time.


Today we donated to Paw Works, a Southern California non-profit dedicated to partnering with county and city shelters to give abandoned animals a second chance. During the past several days, the team at Paw Works, volunteers and the larger community have rescued animals of all types – from cats, dogs and bunnies to sheep, horses, a camel and even peacocks! They are arranging and providing transportation, donated food and supplies, and coordinating with other organizations across the state to make as big of an impact as possible.


California animals need as much as help as they can get, so we’re hoping our community far and wide is inspired to donate or at least help spread the word so that transportation can be arranged and shelters taking in displaced animals have the supplies needed to give their new residents a home.


In addition to Paw Works, there are several other organizations working to make an impact during this time. Here’s an article from NBC LA on more ways to help and a list of organizations worth supporting: