August 9, 2017 – We’ve mentioned from time to time that we donate product to rescue and adoption organizations because they use the Shed Defender for dogs with anxiety, skin conditions, wounds, surgical sites and more. For example, Clancy’s Dream and Rebel Dog Rescue have posted about their experience using the products – see here and here. There’s also a few pics below (note some of the pics may break your heart). 

Earlier this year we had a batch of product come in that didn’t meet our quality control standards, so we haven’t been able to sell it. The product is made from our premium quality breathable athletic mesh fabric, but has small defects related to the seams, labels and other minor issues. Instead of tossing it out, we want to donate it to non-profits that may be able to use it!

We’re reaching out to our community to help us find organizations that could benefit from using the Shed Defender. Please let your local shelters, adoption and rescue groups or service dog organizations know about this opportunity.


For non-profit organizations that are interested here’s what they can do to receive FREE Shed Defenders:

Email or fill out this contact form on our website and include the following:

  1. Name of organization + name of person submitting

  2. Quantity of Shed Defenders needed and preferred sizes

  3. Shipping address… We’ll ship the product to each of the non-profits at no cost.


We have about 1,000 Shed Defenders available for donation and it will be first come first serve for those non-profits interested! Please help us spread the word so these Shed Defenders don’t go to waste. We know there’s dogs out there that need them!


For more about the medical benefits the Shed Defender can provide here are some examples:

  • REDUCE ANXIETY: Shed Defender can help reduce anxiety in dogs by applying a gentle pressure. Similar to swaddling a baby, dogs feel secure and comfortable when wearing the garment.

  • REPLACE THE CONE: Shed Defender can replace the medical cone for dogs with hotspots and surgical sites.

  • SKIN PROTECTION: Dogs with allergies or that to rescues with skin conditions including loss of hair can use the Shed Defender to help them heal.

  • UV PROECTION: The Shed Defender provides UV protection for dogs with skin conditions or thin coats.

Trina came to Ottowa Dog Rescue with a severe skin issues that were most likely allergies that were left untreated. She wore the Shed Defender to help her heal! 


Baby from Rebel Dogs Rescue wore the Shed Defender to help her heal after having cancerous tumors removed and because she had calloused skin due to neglect.