It’s hurricane season and the latest storm, Dorian, has a become a huge threat to the east coast, displacing thousands of people and animals from their homes. Pets are often forgotten or left to weather the storm themselves and animals without forever homes living at shelters that lie in the path of destruction need a new safe place. As a result of all this displacement and shuffling, shelters and rescue centers in the surrounding areas become impacted and can only take on so many animals.

We chose to make a donation to the SPCA of Wake County because it’s helping in the Hurricane relief effort by taking on cats and dogs from nearby shelters that are evacuated. Donations make it possible for the SPCA to save these pets and find them new homes. Donations also save the lives of the pets that will stay in those now-empty kennels while they wait to be reunited with their families.

SPCA of Wake County is just one of the many organizations around the country that are banding together to help with the hurricane relief effort. Here’s an article about the work that SPCA of Wake County and Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary are doing and another one about Lucky Dog Rescue. These are just a few of the many uplifting stories that are in the news right now. We hope it inspires you to donate, volunteer or even adopt one of these displaced animals!