January 2018 – Foster Dogs NYC is a non-profit dedicated to creating positive, inclusive foster communities to help dogs that need a loving place to stay while they wait to find their forever home. Foster Dogs is different from any other shelter or rescue group because the team works across multiple organizations, encouraging collaboration between rescue groups. They focus on foster parent education and are always hosting events that help bring the animal rescue community together.

We made a donation to Foster Dogs NYC and teamed up with them to host a Shed Defender giveaway for their community because many of the foster dogs that come in have anxiety or other medical conditions that the Shed Defender can be helpful for.

Siri is the winner of the Foster Dogs x Shed Defender giveaway!

The contest has ended but we hope that our community is inspired to support Foster Dogs which was founded in 2009 by Sarah Brasky. She launched the organization with the goal of creating a user-friendly resource and organization dedicated solely to foster care, particularly in the New York area. Sarah created Foster Dogs after fostering a dog through the ACC city shelter and discovering that she could make a difference in promoting this need and opportunity.

We hope the Shed Defender community is excited to learn more about Foster Dogs NYC and the greater need for more foster homes across the country!

Sarah Brasky and her husband live in Brooklyn with their 1-year-old son and two "foster fail" dogs Ozzie and Shaggy