November 2017 – If you’re reading this post it’s highly likely you’re already a dog lover so we don’t need to go on and on about why dogs are our best friends. But if you’re just an ordinary dog lover and owner, you might not realize how amazing and talented service dogs truly are or understand the impact they have on the lives of people with disabilities. Imagine having a dog that can turn on lights, pick up dropped keys, open doors or even assist with business transactions?

For people with disabilities, dogs that can complete these tasks are life savers… literally. Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) is a non-profit that provides assistance dogs at no cost to adults, children and veterans with disabilities. These amazingly trained and talented service dogs can pull their partner in a manual wheelchair, push buttons for elevators or automatic doors, and even assist with transferring money, receipts, and packages.

We are strong believers in the role service dogs play in people’s lives and thus wanted to support CCI’s mission, so we made them a part of our Paw it Forward program and made a cash donation and participated in their annual Haute Dog LA fundraising event. The annual event includes a doggie runway show that features posh pooches strutting their stuff in fun outfits ranging from Halloween costumes to couture and everything in between. This year’s event featured David and Christina Arquette and their three basset hounds.

CEO Tyson Walters and his brother Myles are at the annual Canine Companions for Independence Haute Dog LA fundraiser. They're ready to hit the runway with Harley and Chunk in coordinating leopard and camo outfits. 






CCI has provided assistance dogs to over 5000 people with disabilities, but it costs a lot of money in order to care for and train these dogs. That’s why we’re hoping that you will help support CCI in their efforts to continue improving the lives of veterans, children and adults with disabilities.

If you’re not convinced yet, watch this video of LanDan Olivia and her dog Perkins and you won't be able to say no!