Based in sunny San Diego, which is our own backyard, Bunny’s Buddies is a non-profit organization that rescues and cares for dogs that are caught in the dog meat trade. An estimated 30,000,000 dogs and cats die across Asia each year, for human consumption and many of these animals are being brutally tortured to death. There’s more statistics and information about the abuse and torture of these animals on the organization’s website if you want to learn more…

We had heard about Bunny’s Buddies from a few friends who had adopted through the organization and we were immediately inspired by their mission. It’s no easy task rescuing dogs from slaughterhouses in Asia and transporting them back to the US and finding them homes. Here’s a bit about the process:

Once these animals are rescued straight from meat trucks, shelters or slaughterhouses, they must enter a 2-month quarantine in which they are seen by professional Veterinarians and tested for illnesses and disease. Once cleared, flight volunteers will transport dogs at a time back to the USA in which we work hard to find them the absolute best, new homes. We know we may not save them all but surely, we’re going to try.

As you can see, it’s a multi-faceted and long journey to rescue these pups, but one that is undeniably worthwhile. We’ve seen success stories firsthand, which is why we chose to make Bunny’s Buddies our December Paw it Forward partner. Hearing about the good work this organization is doing made us want to learn more about the cause and we hope it does the same for our community. If you’re feeling inspired, you can donate through the Bunny’s Buddies website and help to bring more animals back to the US so they can find their forever home.