September 2018 – Hurricane season has hit and once again mother nature is showing us who’s boss. Hurricane Florence is a true force of nature and has caused flooding, record rainfall, thousands of evacuations and an estimated $50 billion in damage. Amongst the victims are animals who have been left behind or displaced and need our help. From shelters in affected areas that have evacuated and need to relocate their animals to the pets that have been abandoned, there is no shortage of animals that could use your help.

Rescuers have been working around the clock to ensure no life is left behind, but after the rescue, these animals need a new place to stay, food, veterinary care, and more. That’s why we made a donation to the Atlanta Humane Society, which has been taking in shelter animals that were in the path of Hurricane Florence – see more details here and here.

The Atlanta Humane Society is running a campaign where they pledge to match all donations made by September 30, so we encourage you to read more about what they’ve been doing and consider making your own donation. Visit this page to donate.

The Coast Guard and other first-responders are true heroes – see the pictures below of them rescuing animals in need! Now that they did their part and have saved these fur babies, it’s time for us to help these pups in need get the shelter, food and care they deserve!