Forget Cleaning, Spring is the Season of Hair Balls: How to Survive Shedding Season

Spring cleaning season is here, but dog owners know that the picture of a sparkling clean house is unrealistic because it’s also shedding season for our furry friends. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs typically lose their winter coat in spring so as you’re trying to get the house and car in tip top shape, your pup can’t help but leave a massive trail of hair for you to pick up. 

And while it’s impossible to imagine a life without your furriest family member, a life without the shedding mess would be much appreciated for many dog owners. According to a survey from Kelton Research, shedding is a serious pet peeve – over half (52%) of pet owners would skip their summer vacations and take a pay cut, to never clean up fur again.


  1. If you’ve got spring cleaning goals, we think you should give the Shed Defender a try! That way, while you’re cleaning out your closet and scrubbing those floors, you won’t have to deal with the constant dog hair disasters. The Shed Defender does not stop the dog from shedding, but rather it contains loose hair within the suit while the dog still sheds naturally. And… if you’re trying to host a spring soiree or dinner party, put the Shed Defender on your doggo before your guests come over so they can sit on a shed-free couch!  Once the party is over, take it off and either shake the loose hair off outside or throw it in the washing machine!
  1. The Shed Defender is not meant for prolonged use, so don’t forget that during shedding season it’s best to brush your dog regularly! A good shedding brush will help you capture and contain loose fur before it drops off.
  1. Visit a groomer! This is the time of year when it’s worth paying a visit to a professional groomer who has the right tools and techniques to loosen and remove dead hair.
  1. If the shedding is unbearable, it may be worth discussing your dog’s diet with your vet in case they have any suggestions on how to improve the pet hair mess.
  1. Spend more time outside! As the weather warms up, it means you can spend more time playing with your pup outside. Let your doggo shake it off outside the house!