Did you know that Shed Defender was on Shark Tank? We love to share how this experience helped in getting the word out about how amazing our products really are!

We are so excited to share that Shed Defender was featured in an article on forbes.com! In this article, you’ll get the inside scoop about how our Shark Tank experience really was.

“Some were able to parlay their appearance on the show into an even better deal for their company, like brother duo Tyson and Miles Walters of Shed Defender, a onesie for pets designed to prevent the mess from pet hair shedding. Tyson said he and his brother “mutually” parted ways with Greiner and were able to get a private equity deal a few months later “that was a much better deal.” That was on top of the $30,000 in sales they generated in the week after the show”.

- Jemima McEvoy

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