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We are so honored to announce that our new Mag-Snap Leash has been featured in a recent article in The Canine Journal

"We tried this out on a larger dog, an 8-year-old Pitbull mix who is about 70 pounds. It helped a lot with my dog, who often gets so excited at the idea of a walk that she makes it tricky to get a collar and leash on her. Being able just to unravel the leash and go right outside took a lot of trouble and chaos out of our pre-walk routine. After a week of use, we have been able to transition to going out for a walk quickly, and she can transition back into the house easily and without waiting to get her leash taken off. Once adjusted, the collar stays on reasonably well for some time, though it will eventually loosen. The collar is not too snug and does not seem to bother the dog".

- Danielle D., Canine Journal

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