Shed Defender® Winter Fleece

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An extra layer of warmth

Prevents fur from freezing into ice balls. Provides warmth for those frigid walks outside. Keeps your dog cozy at night. Adds a layer of warmth and protection for dogs with thinner coats.

Premium Fabric

The premium French fleece fabric is a polyester and spandex blend that’s as soft as a fleece blanket, but stretches to allow your dog to move, run and play freely. It provides warmth without the bulk so that it won’t restrict movement for active dogs!

Control shedding

Perfect solution to control all the unwanted shedding. Spend less time cleaning and more time playing with your pup. Whether it’s a car ride to the vet or groomers, or family trip to a relatives house, the Shed Defender has you covered when it comes to unwanted hair.

Vet approved

The Shed defender was designed to be safe and comfortable for the dog. We worked with Veterinarian Dr. Peter Lands to ensure the quality and safety of the product. We have vets from around the country recommending our product instead of the cone of shame.

Reduce Anxiety

The Shed Defender can help reduce anxiety. The snug fit applies a gentle pressure, making dogs feel more calm, confident and secure. Whether its thunderstorms, fireworks or separation anxiety, the Shed Defender can soothe your pup into relaxation.

Easy on easy off

Designed to be easily put on and taken off. Slip over the head, insert the legs and then zip on up from the chest down to the underside of the tail. Simply unzip for potty breaks, no need to take it off.

Machine washable

Due to the French fleece’s unique properties the dog hair does not get entangled in the fabric. Once washed it comes out looking brand new. It is machine washable and dryer friendly.

Keeps your pup clean

Can prevent dangerous ticks from coming in contact with your dog. Protect them from stickers and burrs getting caught in their fur. Prevents frozen hair balls from forming when in the snow. Keep them clean at the dog park or beach.



4 - 8 lbs
8 - 12 lbs
12 - 18 lbs
18 - 28 lbs
28 - 45 lbs
45 - 65 lbs
65 - 90 lbs
90 - 150 lbs

How to Put it On and Take it Off

The Shed Defender is simple to put on and take off. To put on, just put the head through the designated hole, making sure the zipper is on the belly side. Insert the front legs, the back legs, and then zip it up. The zipper should run from the chest to the tail, and the dog should be fully covered except for the head, tail and paws. It’s meant to fit snug, so just take care when zipping up! 
To take it off, start by unzipping and then take the back legs out. Next, just pull over the head and take the front legs out. We recommend taking it off outside so you can shake out the loose hair. To clean it, just throw it the washing machine or in the dryer for 10 minutes and the hair will collect in the lint filter.

Quick Tips

Fits Snug
The suit is designed to have a fairly tight and snug fit. It is a lightweight, stretchy material that is meant to be form-fitting including in the groin area. You may have to stretch the suit quite a bit to get it on, but this is normal because it is a four-way stretch fabric.
Be Careful When Zipping
Be careful when zipping and unzipping – remember it’s a stretchy fabric so you can pull down when zipping to ensure no hair gets caught in the zipper’s teeth.
We’re Here to Help
If you have questions or need help just email us with the breed, weight and pictures of your pup and we can help choose the right size for you!
Easy Exchange
If the suit is too long and baggy in the back, then the back legs could slip out of the sleeves. If that is the case, then please remove the suit and you can start an exchange here.
Alter to Your Needs
For dogs with short legs, you can simply cut (fabric won't run), hem or roll up the legs (but please note that the product cannot be returned if altered).
Provide Encouragement
It’s not uncommon for dogs to take a few times wearing it to get used to it. Positive reinforcement and encouraging them to walk around helps and soon they won’t even know they are wearing it.
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